Multifunctional Seamless Tube Bandanas. 100 Unique Mandala Designs! More Products Becoming Available!

Magick Mandalas Gift Card $10, $25, $50 & $100 - Magick Mandalas
Magick Mandalas Gift Card $10, $25, $50 & $100 - Magick Mandalas
Magick Mandalas Gift Card $10, $25, $50 & $100 - Magick Mandalas

Magick Mandalas Gift Card $10, $25, $50 & $100

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 Tim designed these bandanas to be for anyone and everyone and it's exactly what the world needs right now. Some people are in panic mode for practical things and resources. Some others are obsessing over 'energetic healing' and then, there are the ones who seek to exploit it.

 Magick Mandalas has started before this whole virus scare and the fact that they are warm, cool, breathable and stretch to fit plus colorful is already great!  The bandanas help keep particles and other nasties away from your face, neck and hair. 

 Breathe easy through them comfortably and keep the moisture wicked away with your favorite mandala pattern that expresses what you want and don't want from the universe.

 Everyone and their sister is selling healing stones and all this... You can't trust anything anymore. Magick Mandalas is about honest commerce. We want you to get a great product for a great price that you can truly feel good about buying before and after you receive your product.

 We don't want to exploit what's going on. We already had our Facebook page unpublished just because we mentioned 'virus' or 'medical masks'. We are hoping that we can have our Facebook back but now it's question.

 Either way, Magick Mandalas is NOT going anywhere but on your face! Or your friend's head. One of the best gifts you can give. Help us out to get this company started. We have taken a hit to the ego and finances with this epidemic and chaos,

 We want our product to help people! The world needs Magick Mandalas, seriously. Our friends/testers have been singing the same tune and if you or a friend want one, please, consider getting a gift card from us to get a bandana later. You won't regret it.

 We would never sell these as means to cure or prevent any virus or disease but I'm sure most will agree, having a bandana of any kind is better than being openly exposed.

 Believe us, we don't want to see people hide their faces but if you have to, you might as well be beautiful anyway right?  That's the original conception of Magick Mandalas and we are sticking to it. To 'Show Your Magick' in anyway you want.

 Take back the power of making a decision in general!

 Bandanas are the future. When all the masks are gone or over-priced. Magick Mandalas will be there for you. Your bandana is there for you no matter what.

 We want to make gift cards available because Shopify is allowing for free and it's a lot easier for us to stay in business while sending out bandanas later when we all wait for the quarantine thing to die down.

 Thanks for your business. It really helps support the art and helps create more bandanas. The world needs real, practical protection as well as spiritual shielding. At least 100 designs to be released in total. Your purchase helps us continue to create more designs and more great products beyond the bandanas in the future!

 Give the gift of Magick Mandalas! An invaluable, thoughtful gift for the times right now. Bandanas are selling out. Get the coolest ones while they are still available. Choose your amount and receive your gift card to print or share.