Multifunctional Seamless Tube Bandanas. 100 Designs. $20 each. All Sales Final. No Gimmicks

FAQ's and Contacts

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I put it in the Dryer?



Will it fit me?

 Magick Mandala Bandanas should fit most faces and heads but be warned, once you stretch it out, it stays that way.


Can I shrink it?

Don't expect to shrink it. Especially in the dryer! NO PUT IN DRYER!


Is there a break in period?

 Once the fabric has been worn once or twice, it tends to roll up slightly on the edges.  It's just the way Magick Mandalas roll.


How Stretchy?

 The Bandanas can stretch to fit most people's heads. 

 If you put it on your chest or waist, don't expect the fabric to be able to accommodate your head again in the same way as before.

 Stretch to your liking but then it's final and you void the warranty and return window.



Due to the state of the world right now and being this product is affected by the personal hygiene of the customer, we do NOT take returns. All sales final. 

You would not feel comfortable with buying something that may or may not have already been on someone's head of face right? Didn't think so. Bandanas are sealed for your pleasure and send to you brand new. Always. From America.

Ordering online and the getting mail/ packages are becoming a real long process and people are waiting longer to get their products. Hopefully this clears up soon and can your products to you ASAP. Longer shipping times are to be expected.





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