Multifunctional Seamless Tube Bandanas. 100 Unique Mandala Designs! More Products Becoming Available!

'Zen Times Ten'™


I really love these things, not just because I created them and I want others to have them but they really solve the problem of wearing accessories.

 I don't like hats and I have had a love/hate relationship with cotton bandannas my whole life. I've had Buff rags, cotton bandanas that give me a headache after a while and hats that immediately don't fit me because of my large head...

 I found some cheap headbands that were plain or camouflage or whatever and I really liked the materials, comfort and practicality.

...Just not the options of colors and patterns.


          Most bandannas are BoOoRING! 


 That's not you and certainly NOT MM!

 Believe me, I check online and Amazon all the time.

 I have more headgear than any other clothing that I own combined.

(I think I might have a  problem...)

 But now that I am making my own bandanas, I see what's out there and, honestly it doesn't amuse me, personally.

 So much that I had to make my own from the designs I make with the touch screen on my cell phone.

(Hand-made, technically)

 It's then printed and hand cut by another company then sent to me for my, I mean, YOUR enjoyment!

 I thought it would be really cool if I could print them onto bandanas, my favorite accessory, and wear them myself.

 I spent 3 years making these in the moments where I needed to be ZEN.

 Now I want to pass that message along with my BEST Magick Mandalas that were chosen among MANY for their power, versatility and attractiveness. 

 I really do want to spread the awareness that it's ok to be searching yourself, retreating to the wild for healing and the maintaining BALANCE of all things in the universe within and throughout.


 -Think of it as an investment to hassle-free accessorizing that is timeless and always awesome!

-Tired of 'Buff' rags and that who-knows-if-its-really- 'recycled-plastic' -feel on your face?

 *Be 'Zen Times Ten'™ no matter what with Magick Mandalas™!