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What is 'A Disillusioned Prayer'?

*** I remember the creation 'A Disillusioned Prayer'. I was thinking about what got me through my past, which was hard rock and metal Music and drawing demons and dragons in school. I was around curses my whole life, things I had to do that always took the foreground and my art had to take the background.  I resisted them in my own dark way. Now that I'm older and that I'm more aware of my thought and words, I wanted to express that part of me that has made me who I am today. Skulls, Guitars, Music, and Anything Black.

 I hadn't had a customer in mind when I drew this Magick Mandala but if I was to, I would say this if for the teenager in us all who just wanted to express themselves but never could just vent their anger in peace or was judged or even prevented from doing what they love because it was considered a minor inconvenience.

           I say, Rage on brutha mon!

 Let your anger fuel your passion and screw those guys because you are YOU! You choose your own life, transmute that 'Disillusioned Prayer' you have been telling yourself and create your OWN prayer to send. You have an Intention now manifest that thang, whatever it is!

  Expect to receive and believe it to be now!

Let your Magick Mandalas™ help remind you to 'Show Your Magick!'™