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What is 'Dark Passion'?

***A 'Dark Passion' is something that we all have.


 Something secret that we dare not to tell anyone who we don't completely trust.

 A pitch-black, dancing silhouette that looms over a blood-red banquet table, just waiting to be feasted on; is about what it feels like to have your secret get out. 

 Hiding your passion is like taking the expressway to the grave.

 This Magick Mandala shows you and the world that:

"What once ruled you, does not anymore and you follow ONLY your passion from now on!"

 ‘In the light or in the dark, show ‘em who you really are!’

  Fits perfectly into the whole 'Forbidden Fantasy' collection thing huh?

- 'How do you 'Show Your Magick?' 

- 'What's your Forbidden Fantasy?'


 I want to ask those questions because, why not? Plus, it's fun! And, I wanna see people really connect, maybe we just need to do it a little quicker. 

 I mean, not to jump right into all the Magick right away to get it over with but, to enjoy people's company because they show their vulnerabilities and strengths on theier the sleeve, or head, neck?


    How about to 'break the ice'?

 I have to say, it's pretty easy to get a compliment, noticed or stand out from the crowd but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

 That's why the first collection 'Forbidden Fantasy' has many different colors to choose from.

 Whatever speaks to you.