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What is 'Magick Trinity'?

Magick Trinity, live your magickal manifestation through art. A poem.

Not 1 or 2, but three, this is the Magick Trinity.

Blue, green and purple - truth, heart and vision,
Those combined will help you make a decision.

Three in one is unity - masculine, feminine and Aether energy

mind body and soul
Will help you to your goal.

You walk the path of freedom and love, skip down the path of non-resistance with guidance from above.

You are closer than you think to make your dreams come true
The power of three lies within you

Be in balance, be clear on what you desire -
For then you will set the world on fire.

Emerge with the truth and step aside
By being conscious you have nothing to hide.

Take the things slow but with precision
To clarify your deepest vision.

Then combine what deep inside you know:
That you are magickal - and off you go.

Defy the Illusion of your confusion
By stepping into your heart.
And by living every day as an instrument of art.