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What is 'Dragonborn'?

 The greens of forests' skies and golden yellows speak of treasures worthy enough to be guarded by magick.

 Adorned with a ruby red eye in the middle that seems to follow it's own rules.

 Tis the stuff of legends foretelling of the Forbidden Fantasy world of dragons and magick long forgotten...

 We traditionally choose not recognize the dragons, the unicorns, the mages who wield true magick and the seers who see what you don't see.

  Put a stop to the ignorance and show the world that true magick lives in us all if we choose to see it.

 Break the traditions that don't serve and know in your heart that fantasies can become reality.

 You decide your own destiny and you stand for what you believe in.

 You are powerful but use you power only for good and never let it fall into the wrong hands.

 That's what it means when you put on the 'Dragonborn' Magick Mandala™ bandana!

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